Quick Facts About CNC:

The Certified Nonprofit Consultant Credential (CNC) is issued by the National Development Institute.

Consultants who achieve the CNC Credential...

  1. Provide professional guidance and counsel to nonprofits in ONE or MORE of the following areas of service:
  2.    - Board Development
       - Database Management
       - Human Resource
       - Financial Management
       - Fundraising Development
       - Marketing & Public Relation
       - Program Management
       - Organizational Development
  3. Have their personal certification recorded at the offices of the National Development Institute
  4. Receive an official CNC Credentialing Certificate for public display demonstrating their achievement.
  6. Receive the credential Certified Nonprofit Consultant (CNC) and are authorized to use CNC in their title.
  7. Are provided the CNC brand for use on business cards, letterhead, websites, etc.


  9. Spend $350 for initial three year certification and $150 for each additional three year re-certification.
  10. Experience the satisfaction and challenge of a meaningful adult continuing educational process.

How It Works... Six Easy Steps:

  1. Download & Thoroughly Review CNC Application Overview - CLICK HERE
  2. Pay Your Application Fee Online or by Check via U.S. Mail - CLICK HERE
  3. Call NDI at (800)257-6670 to be Assigned a Mentor
  4. Complete Your Online Candidate's Application
  5. Take Your Multiple Choice At-Home CNC exam
  6. Within 45 Days you'll notified by the CNC Credentialing Board

Benefits of Credentialing:

  1. Gain recognition and confirmation of your knowledge, skills and abilities by fulfilling the requirements and criteria of an independent credentialing organization
  2. Elevate your profile and credibility as a professional in the Nonprofit Sector by documenting your education, training and experience
  3. Validate for yourself and others that you have a proven track record in the nonprofit field and that you are uniquely qualified to be an internal or external consultant
  4. Demonstrate your unique knowledge, skills and abilities in the nonprofit sector by showing your commitment to continuous growth and professional development
  5. Verify to your employer or clients that you understand the importance of staying current and maintaining your professional relevance in the dynamic nonprofit sector
  6. Increase your competitive advantage in the field of consulting by ensuring your clients that you have met the highest standards obtainable in the nonprofit sector
  7. Promote the value and importance of ongoing professional development with your peers by making an extra effort to increase your scope and capacity to serve the nonprofit sector
  8. Achieve the personal gratification that results from obtaining an additional credential specific to the nonprofit sector that goes beyond acquiring a college degree or attending continuing educational sessions